Thriving Marriages in the Time of COVID

  • July 28, 2020

How has your marriage been affected by COVID? Many marriages are thriving in these challenging times. Why?

There are a few answers that come to mind. I’ll focus on 4 of them (these ideas are from a beautiful book by Warner & Coursey called The Four Habits of Joy-Filled Marriages):


Did you know in the chaos of COVID many people are hiking and biking more than ever before? Many couples have less “commute-time” now and can use it for fun and health-building and relationship-building activities like these! Whatever you do, have fun together! Play a game you haven’t in some time. Make a yummy meal together. You figure it out, but DO IT!

Listen for the FEELINGS being express by your spouse!

If you tend to be a rational, non-emotive “thinker,” you may miss these cues. If you are an artistic, intuitive person, you will probably catch there feelings right away. The good news is you can become more of a Left brain thinker/feeler. work at it and work at picking up on and asking about your spouses emotions and responding accordingly.

Throughout the day, be grateful for her/him!

I DON’T think I need to explain this one in any way!

and lastly,

Life Together Has Patterns and Rhythms – Understand and Bless Them

COVID has seriously changed things for many couples, take the time to understand how it impacts your spouse and how you can work with them to relieve and comfort them. Nothing is impossible if you take the time to calm and think well and work together. Pray, play, put aside the troubles and then come back to them, refreshed. Thank God for the challenges, enormous growth can come from them in your marriage. If needed, seek outside help, too! Others can often have expertise and knowledge we do not yet have!