Report on Spring Weekend 2018

  • April 12, 2018

What would be a better thing for a couple to do than to spend a weekend at Niagara Falls?   March 25-27 twelve enthusiastic young couples had the opportunity to do just that at Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre in Niagara Falls.  Of course there, the growth of love isn’t connected to the beautiful falls. But each couple at a Marriage Encounter Weekend is given opportunity and tools to help their relationship bloom and renew their love and romance if they come with open hearts

On the March weekend, it was an interracial, interdenominational group ready to work hard at doing that very thing. The dedicated team too, came from different areas—Pennsylvania and Ontario. The diversity didn’t mean they had no time for a bit of extra activity.  One man brought along his ukulele and was immediately asked to lend his talents in accompanying the singing times.  At mealtime the team rotated so that they got to eat with most of the attendees. This always presents a good opportunity for more relaxed and casual conversation—and that was the case this weekend. During the sessions, attentive listening was observed, meaningful interaction and good questions were brought forward.

From the introductory session to the culmination, there’s always a progression of intimacy between husbands and wives.  The love glows ever more brightly as the weekend advances. Yes, there are often some tough times, but then there’s a break-through which makes it all worthwhile.  In such a setting where the main aim is to grow in understanding of and communication with each other, there is time and support to keep moving forward.

At a marriage encounter weekend, the couples are given tools to keep their relationship alive and growing. It’s sometimes hard to keep at it when in the reality of every-day life but the effort is rewarding.

 Watch for the next weekend coming up Nov 9-11, 2018 at Mt. Carmel Spiritual Center in Niagara Falls, ON. Come yourself, or encourage other couples to take advantage of this opportunity to enhance and enrich their marriages.