Perspectives on Marriage Encounter

  • April 14, 2019

Following a Marriage Encounter weekend, a few couples share their thoughts about the experience:

“This marriage encounter was very refreshing for our marriage. The time spent with each other was wonderful. Reflecting on our dating and our wedding day helped rekindle the love fire in our marriage. The testimonies that were shared were powerful. Thank you.”

“Marriage Encounter has been like a gentle flame. Our issues and hindrances were once encased in a cube of ice, but the flame has allowed it to melt and flow out into the open. This weekend has been a changing point in us realizing our potential to lovingly solve problems after candid conversations in order to elevate our marriage, relationships with others and union with God.” – Mark and Abigail

Year after year, we see couples leave the weekend with a renewed love for each other and improved skills to face what life brings their way.

Who do you know who could benefit from an Encounter weekend? Consider recommending it to a friend, and see their relationship grow!