Share the Blessing

At each weekend, we ask couples to share what the weekend meant to them.  Here are some thoughts from a few couples who participated in our Fall 2021 weekend.

“We were impressed with the stories shared by the presenting couples: real life stories, real life struggles they experienced in their own journeys. This was a real encouragement to us. The challenges and struggles we face are quite normal.  Marriage takes work, a lot of work and continued commitment. We have been challenged to continue in this work and grow together through doing that work.”

~ James and Jessie

“We learned that there are various levels of communication ranging from twigs, branches, boughs, trunks and roots.  That is, from the trivial to the deep communications.  Just as the roots are the foundation of a tree, so is heart-to-heart communication.  Marriage Encounter has taught us to use the dialogue tool to ensure that our relationship grows a strong foundation, for then it will produce good fruit on the branches. I am excited to commit to see this process produce good fruit in our lives.”

~ Terri-Lynn and John

We look forward to our spring weekend when more couples will experience the opportunity to work on their communication and deepen their love for each other.