Marriage Encounter - Spring 2017

May 10 2017

Take one married couple, give them forty-two or forty-three hours and have their relationship deepened, enhanced and more in love—sounds like quite a feat, maybe even a miracle! Now multiply that by 18 and have it all happen in one setting. The place must have been absolutely pulsing with love and joy! But don’t stop there! Send those eighteen couples home with enthusiasm for what a Marriage Encounter weekend can do for a marriage and have them go back to a variety of churches of several denominations across south-western Ontario and imagine what an effect it will have on their families, churches and communities! Yes, the Marriage Encounter held at Jericho House April 21-23 had eighteen couples registered—enough so that two of the presenting couples had to go to a motel for the nights! What a happy dilemma! By all reports it was a good weekend. But why believe me when you can hear it from the couples themselves? Here is some of what they had to say.

"It was Intentional time to invest in our relationship to allow for uninterrupted discussion and sharing.”

“Enriching, life-giving, powerful. To open up doors of communication and truthfulness. Learning a new way to connect and be intimate.”

“A very powerful weekend evoking many feelings and revelations about our relationship. It has definitely brought us together as a couple in the last few days and deepened our connection.”

“Excellent weekend that was transformational for our marriage.”

It was a fantastic weekend and we enjoyed it. We worked hard and came home exhausted. I would give it a ten out of ten and highly recommend it to any couple wanting to build a better marriage. It is a wonderful location and the food was delicious. The presenting couples were terrific and very helpful. What more can I say?
One of the presenting couples who have been faithfully there each weekend now for thirty years or so add, “Weekends like this are still very uplifting, exhilarating, encouraging and rewarding for us.”

If you feel as though you’ve missed out on something wonderful, take heart! There’s another one planned for November 17-19 in Niagara Falls. Why not send in your application now to reserve your place and look forward to rewards that will give you lasting joy?