Spring Encounter - April 29-May 1, 2016

Aug 10 2016

Standing on the brink of a new experience can cause many emotions to emanate from within. For ten couples, most of them fairly young, that is probably exactly what was happening as they looked forward to the Marriage Encounter at Jericho House near Wainfleet, Ontario, April 29-May 1, 2016. Couples often come with a mixture of feelings about what will happen and how it will affect their relationship.

Something surely happened, for a few days after it was all over the leaders commented with great satisfaction, “They worked hard and laughed lots.” What a combination!

The couples themselves had some significant things to say about how the weekend transformed their marriages. Just listen to what they had to say:
“This weekend has lifted a heavy weight off our hearts through the dialogue process. We feel a renewed excitement for our marriage and how it can affect others.”

“Although we’ve only been married for a short time we have gone through a lot of marital stress. This led to our marriage almost being broken. In the past year we have attempted to make changes but this weekend really helped to catapult us into a new stage! We are excited to dialogue, grow together, get to know each other again, and live in unconditional love. Thank you for helping us by giving us tools to continue on this wonderful journey that is covenantal marriage.”

  • "awe-inspiring"
  • "exciting"
  • "brought us closer together in peace and love"
  • "made us more open to love"
  • "we were happy with the balance of writing and dialoguing"
  • "it was wonderful to have couple focused time"
  • "the food was wonderful”
  • "Awesome!! We connected and have hope for our future."
  • "It was a mind opening weekend. We had laughs and tears growing closer together as a couple. We learned new techniques to implement into our communication together.”
Doesn’t that sound heart-warming and encouraging?

For anyone looking to renew, restore or rejuvenate their relationship, let your heart respond to the enthusiasm and blessing these comments can give. Look into the possibility of sending in your application for the next weekend coming up at Mt. Carmel in Niagara Falls, November 11-13, 2016.

You’ll never be sorry you did.