About the November 2015 Weekend

Nov 24 2015

The November Marriage Encounter is now history but that doesn’t mean the effects of the weekend are over!  The 2 ½ days the couples spent concentrating on their relationship sent them home with renewed love and commitment.  

Yes there was hard work involved.  One gentleman was heard remarking, “This is very hard work.  I’ve never had to think about feelings and then write about them yet!”

His friend agreed but commented, “But we all came because our wives wanted us to and we love them.”   

In fact, all the couples present, were agreed that Marriage Encounter is a worthwhile program and wished that somehow more couples would find out about it and come.

It is this same desire that stirs in the heart of the many volunteer who serve on the board, resource the weekend and work behind the scenes to continue to make available that experience to more and more couples.  

Hearing the reactions of those newly transformed by their weekend inspires even greater desire to make it happen for many more.