Reviewing 2017 Fall Marriage Encounter Weekend

Nov 21 2017
The team reports: “Ah, what a wonderful, blessed weekend again, with keen couples representing a range of ages, cultural and faith backgrounds. There was lots of helpful sharing by the couples during open sharing time, indicative that they were catching on to the concepts we were presenting and benefiting from them.”

2018 Valentines Fundraiser

Nov 21 2017
The Valentine Banquet has become a treasured tradition for many. 2018 looks like another highlight for the year. Bellzy's are back with another wonderful meal and we have Don Taylor and Stand Firm coming to supply us with good musical entertainment. You won’t want to miss it! Why not invite a few friends to come with you and get introduced to the excitement? In fact many are choosing to reserve a table of eight to be surrounded with friends. Just call and reserve yours.

Marriage Encounter - Spring 2017

May 10 2017
Take one married couple, give them forty-two or forty-three hours and have their relationship deepened, enhanced and more in love—sounds like quite a feat, maybe even a miracle! Now multiply that by 18 and have it all happen in one setting. The place must have been absolutely pulsing with love and joy!

2017 Valentine’s Fundraising Banquet

Dec 11 2016

Everyone’s already excited about the 2017 Valentine’s Fundraising Banquet.  Bellzy’s are back as caterers and we all know what that means—a hearty, tasty meal that is fully satisfying.  Come and enjoy a wonderful evening including door prizes, and live music by Shane and Angela Wiebe.  Mark February 11, 2017 on your calendar and ask your sweetheart or special friend to join you.

A table will be reserved for you if you would like to invite enough friends to make a table of eight.

Spring Marriage Encounter 2017

Dec 08 2016

Thinking spring already?  Why not?

After hearing glowing reports from the couples who took part in the November Marriage Encounter, why not get your application in for the next planned encounter—April 21-23, 2017 at Jericho House in Wainfleet, Ontario.

Marriage Encounter Fall 2016

Dec 05 2016
November 11-13 while the rest of us were dashing about with our busy lives, eleven couples laid aside their regular routines to dedicate the weekend to enhancing their marriage relationship. In the beautiful setting of Mount Carmel Retreat Centre in Niagara Falls, they discovered renewed love and commitment and went home with restored and revitalized vision of living life together to the fullest.

Spring Encounter - April 29-May 1, 2016

Aug 10 2016
Standing on the brink of a new experience can cause many emotions to emanate from within. For ten couples, most of them fairly young, that is probably exactly what was happening as they looked forward to the Marriage Encounter at Jericho House near Wainfleet, Ontario, April 29-May 1, 2016.

2016 Valentines Banquet - February 13 2016

Nov 25 2015

Everyone’s already excited about the 2016 Valentine’s Fundraising Banquet.  Once again, it will be held at Waterloo North Mennonite Church in Waterloo, & Bellzy’s are back as caterers and we all know what that means—a hearty, tasty meal that is fully satisfying.